Our History

After an 2 year assignment in Canada as Director of IT at MOS4,
a call center startup, Mr. McClelland returned to the US in 2002 to start Triton LLC. Using his experience in designing and building enterprise managed networks, Doug McClelland built up Triton LLC to a multifaceted full-service IT services company.
Due to expansion of operations to Honolulu and the addition of a CFO, in 2014, Titton LLC was reincorporated into a chapter 'C' corporation to be named MacTriton Engineering Services.

our brands

Dell Servers Dell Servers
We sell and service DELL enterprise servers
HP Enterprise Solutions HP Enterprise Solutions
Full line of HP Enterprise Solutions including servers, switches, and storage products
Cisco Cisco
Sales, support, and service of Cisco branded networking solutions
VoIP PABX Telephone Systems VoIP PABX Telephone Systems
ShoreTel, Digium Asterisk and other Asterisk systems, Asterisk IP PBX ACD systems – several types including Startel, and Cisco UC
VoIP Service Providers VoIP Service Providers
Verizon VoIP, L3 Communications, 8×8 Communications using Polycom or Cisco solutions
Legacy PABX Telephone Systems Legacy PABX Telephone Systems
Legacy and traditional  Nortel, Meridian, Avaya / Lucent, Toshiba, and Tie


MacTriton Engineering Service offers a wide range of Information Technology and Infrastructure related services to clients of all sizes. We provide the following service for the Microsoft windows OS and most other services for the various Linux platforms.
Basic Workstation and Network Upgrades
MacTriton can meet any of your design or upgrade needs for your computer network. We have over 15 years designing and upgrading of enterprise networks and data storage centers for many of the local top named fortune 100 corporations. Out techs can

  • Find and repair or replace bad network connections
  • Add PC to your network
  • Expand your network when you run out of connections
  • Add networked or standalone printers
  • Create VLAN to increase network access security
  • Add and setup, routers, firewalls and switches

Computer Network Design Services
We can help you design, secure enterprise networks based on your current needs, with a vision towards the future to accommodate and foresee LAN explanations. MacTriton is very competent at troubleshooting and redesigning of poorly designed networks that constantly fail. Of the over 40 plus network installation that MacTriton has designed, installed or upgraded, MacTriton has never been recalled to fix a new installation for faults, but we have often been asked to returned to a customer’s site to add on more capacity.

  • We can expand your LAN to multiple floors, buildings.
  • We can expand your LAN to multiple locations thru the use of VPN technology.

This allows the Tier 1 administrator to administer PC’s in multiple locations from just one central site.

Phone System Designs (Legacy and VoIP)
MacTriton has design, upgrade and repair experience in Legacy Phone systems and PABX systems such as:

  • Toshiba, Avaya, Lucent, Nortel – Meridian, Tie

This also includes the Voicemail systems used with these PABX.

MacTriton has designed and installed VoIP systems from multiple service providers:

  • L3 Communications – Polycom or Cisco
  • 8×8 Communications

And Hardware IP PBX:

  • Asterisk IP PBX systems – several types including Startel and ION, Cisco UC

We setup and configure VoIP gateways, conference servers.

Wireless Network Design Services
MacTriton has setup wireless networks with as many as 30 Hot spots. We can design you secure wireless networks to accommodate your company staff and any visiting user that have their own wireless devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own Devices). We also can extend your wireless network to other building and locations.
Security Network Integrations
We work closely with many of the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis area top physical security services providers. We are proficient at designing the IP network backbone that is paramount to the successful engagement of door access control and camera systems
Disaster Recovery Planning, Archiving, and Data Backup
Our DR planning services include:

  • Disaster planning for fast recovery and restoration to full services
  • Disaster recovery from crashed servers
  • Recovery of data on crashed hard drives
  • Setup of local data backup and archiving
  • Setup of clouded data backup and archiving

Malicious Software Diagnostics, Removal, and Prevention
Using our proprietary tools we can remove nasty malware viruses that literally lock up your computer and prevents you from login. Using our specialty hardware and software tools, we can protect your assets from potential damages to your data and infrastructure.

MacTriton offers the following Network Administration and Security Software services.

Network Management and Security Software
We install and do basic setup of:

  • Windows 2008 – 2012 server
  • Active Directory and basic user setups
  • Antivirus and Malware applications
  • Norton Endpoint, Kapersky, WebRoot and many more

Setup of remote computer access over the internet (WAN)

  • MS RDP, UltraVNC, Teamviewer, and many others

Setup of VPN (Virtual private networks) for secure remote access to LAN

  • OpenVPN and many others

Workstation Applications Software Provisioning
We install and do basic setup Workstation applications of:

  • MS Office, Libre Office, Open Office
  • MS Outlook and many other email clients
  • Accounting systems – QuickBooks and CA
  • CAD systems – Photoshop, AutoCad

Remote Help Desk and Repair Service Support
Our normal response time to get a technician on site is about 2 hours for our Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis customers.
We have Flat Fee rates for IT Remote Help desk support. This will help your company to determine the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of you computer services budget. With Managed Services from MacTriton, you get:

  • Remote help desk
  • 24/7 monitoring – get peace of mind knowing your systems are safe
  • Proactive maintenance – we pinpoint and fix problems before they create downtime.

MacTriton offers the following Training services.

Operartional Training MS Windows Basics
To create a local Tier 1 support system, it is highly reccomneded that the local IT support staff memebers take basic training either online or at the local Community college, to learn how to support the installed network management systems.
However, MacTriton can proivide basic training to enable our customers to be able create limited local Tier 1 support capacity. We can recommend online resoures or custom design basic short coarse materials for your staffing needs.
Topic available are:


  • Basic MS Windows Server
  • Basic MS Active Directory
  • Basic Norton End point server, Kapersky and WebRoot.
  • Basic workstation windows 7 operation and short cuts
  • Training for the basic domain login system
  • Setup of user email programs on internet or on local PC’s

Computer Security and HIPAA Operational Basics
MacTriton can do risk assements of your facility for HIPAA compliance to HIPAA guidelines. We can also do basic training on the handling of the PHI data to help you:


  • Identify where it is
  • Computer procedures for the handling of the patient PHI
  • How to setup drug disbursement to meet HIPAA PHI handling

MacTriton offers the following Call Center planning and installation services.

Call Center Design, Installation, and Support
We install, relocate, and service ACD from Amtelco, Startel, Shoretel, and others.


Reliable Hardware
MacTriton spends endless hours assuring the track record and reliability of the technology solutions based on best pratices using industry certified network engineers.
24/7 Customer Care
We pride ourselves in fast response times to service calls and will give precedent to calls where critical networks and servers have failed. We also provide fast disaster recovery services so you can be up and running in no time.
You First!
We truely understand that we’re a customer service oriented organisation first, before we are a information technology company. Without you, our solutions mean nothing. You’re always our number 1 priority.
Recognized Quality Worksmanship
MacTriton has never been called back to a network installation site due to failure of an installation BUT we are often called back to add-on to the original installations.
Technical Experts
Our diverse team has a combined experience of over 60 years in providing state of the art information technology consulting services to variety of industries and businesses.
Great Prices
In addition to our extremly competivive prices, we provide discount rates for 501 (c) organizations.

customer installations

Some of our Federal Customer

Some of our Commercial Customer


We thrive to exceed our customer's expectations by providing world-class customer service and support. Here is an example of how we made our customers happy.
We had a service call around 5 in the afternoon from one of our contract customers. They said that the whole phone system in one of their warehouses in southern Maryland was completely down. I sent the service request to Mactriton and asked if they could get to the site before business hours the next day. I called around MacTriton the next day around 9 AM and asked if it was possible to get a tech onsite before 10 AM, as I knew the site was over 2 hours away. I was informed that a tech was on-site around 8:00 AM and that the phone system was fixed and back up and running. In our business, this is what we call taking ownership of a problem and solving it. So I can not say enough about they speed in fixing the problem. Unfortunately, with most of our contractor services, it often takes over 5 hours to get a tech on site or the next day!
Black Box IT Services manager
Black Box IT Services manager,
We had had unfortunate crashed one of our hard drive in the book production department. Although we had backed up most of our hard drives to a USB archive drive, this drive was not backed up. There was over a year's worth of data of the master copies of our instructional books that had taken over 1,000 of hours to create. So we send the hard drive over night to a well know data recovery company in Los Angeles. They charged $1800 for the express service. The hard drive came back to us a week later with with a note saying that they had tried all their recovery tools and the drive was unrecoverable. Mr. McClelland asked to try and recover the drive. Mr. McClelland's team worked on the hard drive for two days and returned it with all the data recovered on a new drive and the old crashed drive. That action almost literally saved our company. What can I say, I can not thank Mr. McClelland enough! The proof is in the pudding as they say!
Morris Tischler, Science Instruments Inc.
Morris Tischler, Science Instruments Inc.,


Our team is committed to helping provide opportunities for our customers and clients throughout their technology lifecycles. Each team member brings the expertise, judgment, leadership and diversity of thought and experience required to make responsible decisions for all of our stakeholders.

Doug McClelland

CTO/COO Founder
Mr McClelland is the CTO and Chief Operation Officer for MacTriton Engineering. Mr McClelland has held many senior and 'C'  level positions over 28 years career in both hardware and software engineering. Mr. McClelland started his career at the NASA Goddard Space Flight center as a ground support network engineer for the NOAA/GOES series of Weather satellites. He then spent many years as a network design engineer for various call center companies including Signius Communications, and the Annapolis Call Center.

Charles McClelland

CFO and Co-Founder
As a Senior Corporate Executive with over (25) years of experience in all phases of corporate operations. Charles has written numerous feasibility studies and business plans, been involved with (20-30) venture capital startups, and been responsible for strategic planning, capitalization, financial & budget management, staffing, training, and the organizational development of (10) companies.

Ed Porter

CLO Field Operations
Over 20 years experience in enterprise network repair and maintenance. Senior Project manager for Signius communications in charge of new call center installations. Performed all upgrades for Automatic Call Directors Specializes in ACD's from Startel, Amtelco and amny others Very proficient in the install and setup of all Microsoft server and OS products. Skilled in the installation of Linux platforms like VMware and freeNAS.

Craig Barlow

Field Engineer
Is an expert in network design and installation with over 10 years experience. He is one our hands on IT field engineers. Craig is an A-Plus certified technician. Craig also teaches the A-Plus certification course at several local community colleges such as Anne Arundel CC.

Mikael Friedman

Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance
Michael is a Retired Commissioned Officer of the Public Health Service. Michael has spent most of his 20 plus year career in IT system administration and cyber security as a US Health service officer assigned to NIH. Michael is both a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified HIPAA IT Security Professional.

Philip LaViscount

Phil is an experienced IT Security Solutions Manager with a CISSP, Clearance and management experience. Phil is also a Certified Ethical Hacker. Phil has over 20 years experiance in designing data and network security policies for both the commercial and government sector.


MacTriton Engineering Services has physical location in both Honolulu Hawaii and Crownsville Maryland. For service support , To receive the fastest service for either of these area, please send a message using form below. Your message will be immediately processed by our to the dispatch center. Alternatively, you can send a text message to (443) 454-4042 or call our dispatch line at (443) 454-4042. If not immediately answered, please leave your name, best phone number to contact you, physical locations (so we can find the nearest tech to your location ), and a detail description of your problem. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

PO box 405, Crownsville, Maryland 21032
Office (410) 923-1443
Service (443) 454-4042